Tiresome Tiredness

It’s taken me four days to recover from what’s billed as a minor procedure: the upper endoscopic exam with biopsies. It might be a function of being forty-something more. It also could be a function of how stressed and tense I was for at least two weeks prior to the actual procedure coupled with how busy I was for those same two weeks which equals not enough sleep which clearly equals prolonged recovery period. It also could be a function of the anesthesia.

Weirdly my “gluten rash,” aka dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) flared post endoscopy. I wonder why. Maybe I really did get glutened from that table at the coffee shop I visited Tuesday AND Wednesday pre-endoscopy. Maybe the stress of the procedure aggravated the condition. In any case, I wanted to scratch the skin off my forearm, knee and jawline. I thought about taking pictures of the flare and posting them here but it’s not Halloween yet and I don’t want the reputation of being an ick-pic chick. That would be very tiresome, indeed.

Celiac disease in general can be tiring. It takes 4-7 days after getting glutened to feel normal. The inflammation in the gut I imagine requires extra energy at the cellular level plus it blocks absorption of nutrients which also leads to fatigue because I’m not getting nourished. And, being stubborn, I usually try to fight through the fatigue rather than using it as the nature-given prescription for extra viewing of Bravolebrities on Bravo’s “reality” shows. If I just spent a day in bed or on the couch I might recover faster but I feel guilty about resting when I’m not “really” sick. Yes, I still fall prey to that irrational and dangerous thinking. I don’t have a fever, I’m not coughing up anything, I’m not gushing blood, I’m not hospitalized so I’m not “really” sick. It’s stupid, I know. autoimmune diseases like celiac disease are no joke, even if South Park thinks they are.   I’m also building my own business so if I don’t work, I don’t make money and if I don’t make money, I can’t buy gluten free products.

So, here it is Tuesday and I’m still tired. I think I might take a nap sometime today, after work. Or before. Or maybe in equal measure. We’ll see!