Taste Test While Patience Tested Waiting for Test Results – Sweet Potato Popchips

Testing and tasting and waiting: describes the last several days to a t, or T!

While I wait to hear if I made it into the next phase of the clinical research trial or not, I’ve been reveling in the GF tastes of fall. For me, nothing says fall like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and the spices that enhance them: ginger, cinnamon, coriander and traces of cloves.

I love Popchips in general. They deliver great crunch and potato flavor without all the fat found in regular chips. I think the potato flavor tastes better than baked Lays, which remind me of Pringles, a childhood delicacy that isn’t gluten free, at least that I can find. The basic Sea Salt variety tastes better with hummus than crackers or pita chips, I think.

Sweet Potato ChipsI discovered the sweet potato Popchips last year in the Halloween aisle at Target. They aren’t in that aisle this year, but they can be found at Kroger and Whole Foods, which I discovered when I went to the Popchips website and entered my zip code in the store locator. You can discover purveyors in your locale using the locator, too. We picked up six bags for us so we didn’t have to make frequent grocery shopping trips to a store that’s not our go-to food emporium (thank you, David!)

These chips taste great by themselves, I think, but they also are fabulous with light cream cheese dip or spread, and are crunchy companions to a steaming bowl of creamy fall soup. They taste lovely with Applegate Farms‘ GF roasted or herbed turkey breast lunch meat. I’ve put a sliver of meat onto the chip and then crowned it with a dab of homemade cranberry sauce for a protein and vitamin packed snack or fancy, no-cook appetizer for a game night party. I’m toying with the idea of crushing them to make crumb coating for chicken tenders. A cranberry barbecue or mustard dipping sauce would compliment them nicely, I think. I will let you know!