A Little Flakey on the Decor

With Winter Wonderland as our wedding theme, and our wedding scheduled for January 3rd, we made things easy (and inexpensive) on ourselves with respect to decor and accessories. Planning the wedding during the Advent season meant both online and bricks and mortar retailers were all flaked out, and willing to discount, for the season.

The ridiculous popularity of the Disney movie Frozen contributed even more snowflake-themed products to the marketplace, both a boon and a bear. Sure, there were  more flakes available in September and October, but the aqua and purple hues didn’t quite  complement our wedding palette of midnight blue, silver, and grey, nor did the ubiquitous character visages. “I do and Olaf does, too,” just didn’t seem romantic…or age-appropriate. Talk about the need to let it go.

A word about snowflakes. The snowflake seemed the perfect symbol for our wedding. Each one is special, with its own design and its own purpose. One snowflake by itself is nothing much but when it joins with another snowflake its power and purpose are multiplied. Like the snowflake, we are stronger together than we are on our own, yet we retain our unique purpose and design within the relationship. We are snowflakes and even when it gets warm and we might melt, we simply change shape and flow on. It’s an imperfect simile but it worked better for us than guns and grosgrain.

My hairstylist suggested Etsy as THE place for wedding accessory and decor shopping so I checked it out. Wow. Who knew you could get a handmade wedding garter to wear plus one to toss in your alma mater’s fight colors from not one but nine different vendors?

Speaking of colors, our biggest splurge item had everything to do with coloring. We’re talking the take home gift for everyone, aka the party favor.

I awoke one morning and thought, “Crayons would be an awesome party favor. Let’s do crayons!”

My dear groom raised an eyebrow.

“They’re useful, playful, and gluten free, unlike Play Doh and glue sticks and many kinds of candy. Plus, no one uses matches anymore.”

Being a gifted artist in his own right my dear groom was sold.

I googled “custom crayons.”  The list of vendors for custom-imprint corporate stuff was long, and disheartening. They demanded minimum orders of 500 and sometimes even 1,000 pieces. What was I going to do with 500 boxes of crayons?

I kept searching and somehow came across a blog that featured Cioprints. Cioprints is the brainchild of a Savannah College of Art and Design alum, which excited me because we could support someone local, someone making their living using art.

Sadly, Cioprints currently isn’t selling on Etsy, but I hope they come back online sometime soon because their product is excellent. They had about a dozen different ready-to-go designs but nothing snowflakey so I asked if they did custom designs. Yes!

We paid $30 to have them design a box with snowflakes and then $2 for each box of 4 wax crayons with each crayon wrapped in our custom design and each box bearing our names and our wedding date. No one else would be getting or giving these at their wedding, we thought gleefully. Aren’t they adorable?


To add to the snowflake design fun, we bought paper snowflakes at $4.50 per 25 x 4 packs=$18 on Amazon that guests could draw on and either take home as a souvenir. These proved to be extra helpful for those with children and those with an inner child bored waiting for their table to be called for the buffet line or for dancing to start. You can see them below.


Dining table in progress

To create a warm winter glow on the guest tables, and instead of having $100 floral centerpieces, we found beautiful snowflake tea light holders. Frosted grey on the outside with a silver mirrored inside, the snowflakes etched on the sides seemed to dance when the candles were lit.  We bought them on www.weddingstar.com. We used a coupon code to get an extra 20% off of the volume discount price with free shipping.

We also got the table numbers from Weddingstar for $9 for twelve numbers less the 20% discount and free shipping. We elected to do the flowers ourselves, too, and saved a bundle. We bought the flowers through Fiftyflowers.com. Each table centerpiece flower arrangement was $20 with glass vase and free shipping + ($3 per candle holder x 3 candles per table=$9) + 10 cents for the 3 candles +60 cents per number = $29.70 per table. Not bad at all and it looked beautiful, we thought. You can see for yourself below. Guests then got to take home the flowers and candles as extra favors (we kept twelve candle holders for ourselves to keep the wedding glow going).


Snowflakes also figured prominently in the ceremony decor. My groom’s family hails from Scotland so I found on Etsy a woman in Scotland, Saraphir, who sold hand crocheted snowflakes in your choice of colors. Bingo! I purchased a set of three crocheted snowflakes in a silver grey thread for $24. She got them to me in less than a week’s time even though I paid standard shipping. They were part of my gift to my groom. He loved them so much he hung the snowflakes on the headboard of our bed after the wedding so we could have a little wedding magic every night (wink).

You can see them below in this darling picture of my handsome, wonderful groom getting into position as our minister gets her lapel mic hooked up. We also used some of those snowflake tea light candles on the altar, which, don’t tell anyone, really is a bar draped with a white runner embroidered with snowflakes in silver and gold thread. That was a wedding gift purchased by a dear friend off our registry at Crate and Barrel.

Groom flakes

The Celtic cross in front of the flowers we found on Amazon. It simply says, “May God hold you in the palm of His hand on your wedding day.” It now hangs on the wall in our bedroom so when we wake every morning we are reminded that God is in charge of our lives and is the boundless source of our love.

Next post focuses on the snowflakes in our hair, on our ears, and on our gowns.