Accessorize Snow Wise

There are so many pretty ways to realize your theme for a wedding without causing yourself to cringe when you later look at the photos. I’d be cringing right now if I’d gone all out, say, with a wedding gown or even bridesmaids’ gowns embroidered with snowflakes. I did investigate options for about a day before deciding classic with a sprinkling of snowflakes was the much better way to go. Looking now at the pix, I am glad I did.

I can thank my my dearly departed mother, who had strong and wise opinions about how far to take a theme. I remember her planning a Halloween-themed birthday party for my sister one year when we were kids. She went all out on the decor but drew the line on serving guts in blood (spaghetti and sausage in tomato sauce). It’s all fun and games, she said, until a kid runs home crying about being forced to eat a bowl of guts and a piece of bone meal cake. Who wants to answer that call, my mother asked, especially if the little party-goer ended up barfing on the new sofa once she got home?

I never forgot that bit of advice and it’s served me well.

For the wedding attire, I had the idea of giving each bridesmaid a sparkly snowflake brooch that reflected her unique personality. I found them on Amazon. I thought the brooches would help keep the criss-cross neckline of the gown from gaping plus add some sparkle to the simple yet elegant dress. I think they looked good (and look how nicely they complement the snowflake barrette in my hair!)


To make sure the ladies didn’t freeze during the reception, I also got each lady a silvery shawl, also on Amazon. It’s hard to know what kind of wrap goes best with midnight blue mesh, which iA18 TnMeRs similar to jersey but much lighter. These wraps were lightweight but warm and could be used on other occasions.

My beautiful sister and matron of honor further accessorized with silver snowflake earrings and a snowflake pendant her son had given her for Christmas a few years back. Perfect! And see how the silver wrap nicely accents the gown?

A quick word about my jewelry. The watch on my left hand was my mother’s. She had it for many, many years before she died in 2012. It stopped working not long after that so it seemed fitting not to return it to working order, but, rather, to wear it as a symbol of how time froze in some respects when she left this corporeal world and, yet, how she still is with me.

The earrings are from Swarovski and were a wedding gift from my longtime friend who served as honorary mother of the bride. They feature a single drop pearl evocative of a snowball dangling from a narrow band of crystal-accented silver.

I love the silver snowflake barrette adorned with crystals in my hair–the only snowflake I wore. That came from Allure Wedding Jewelry on Etsy. I also got snowflake hair pins for my niece’s hair from Allure. You can see them in the shot from the wedding ceremony (she’s on the far left).

No post about wedding fashion would be complete without dishing on the shoes. I reallyIMG_7810 love Poetic License shoes from London. If you don’t know about them, check them out! They’re fun, wearable works of fashionable art that don’t cost a fortune. I normally buy Poetic License shoes on Amazon but they didn’t have quite what I envisioned. I had to hunt and hunt to find white Poetic License shoes but finally tracked down a vintage pair on eBay. The clincher was that the style name is Spitfire, which is my husband’s favorite, favorite World War II fighter plane. He loves everything Spitfire. How awesome to wear shoes honoring him! I love the silk shabby chic bows and the white polka dot silk fabric. They deconstruct a snowball, I think. Plus they had a modest 2-inch heel, essential because the post-hysterectomy abdominal pain made high heels too painful–you don’t realize how much you use your abdominal muscles to walk in heels until your abs aren’t fab.

The most beautiful accessory for the wedding wasn’t bought in a store or online. It was life itself, which explains the seating of our bridal party. We wanted the wedding party to sit during the ceremony because one bridesmaid recently broke her foot, one sprained her ankle, one had a pre-cancer removed from her ankle, and one has Sjogren’s which makes her feet go numb after a while. As for the groomsmen, one recently and successfully finished chemo for cancer, and another just finished six months oIMG_6225f rehab for a shoulder damaged when he fell off a ladder.

That each person was willing to don fancy clothes and stand in support of our commitment to love, honor and cherish each other forever meant and still means the world to us. Brave and beautiful survivors they are who more than earned the right to sit!

And we, the bride and groom, are survivors, too, deeply grateful to have a second chance at life and to fill that life with such beautiful love.