Dear Mr. President: About That Racism

Dear Mr. President,
I received today the “1600 Daily” email message from your office. It said, “Majority of Americans agree with the President [sic] on immigration.”
The two voting American citizens (one whose family roots predate the Civil War and the other who is 3rd generation American) who live in this house strongly disagree with your stance on immigration, are disgusted by your racist rhetoric and executive actions, and oppose your call for a border wall for any reason. Your false narrative in which you paint immigrants as criminals and white Americans as true patriots flies in the face of reality, and we say that as very white Americans.
The majority of immigrants and the majority of immigrants who are Muslim are law-abiding residents and citizens. Why are you scapegoating them while doing nothing to stem the carnage left by an increasing number of white male mass shooters? Why are you tearing families apart with your “end chain migration” proposals, with your orders to deport fathers and mothers while you claim to be pro-life? Be honest, your policies are pro only-certain-lives. No race is superior, no nationality pure evil, no faith all good or all bad and yet that’s how you try to paint the world, all while damaging the reputation of our beloved country and fraying the fabric of our democracy.
Do not believe We the People support your divisive, racist, sexist, bigoted world-view. We do not. And we do not believe you are “the least racist person,” as you claim. Your actions belie your words and betray this country.
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