Jax and Me Black WhiteWriteMeWell connects my love of writing with my quest to get well, or at least to be as healthy and happy as I possibly can be.  Having celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and some other painful chronic conditions like post-surgical complications certainly can be problematic, but I prefer to think of life with health issues as a grand adventure: without them, I wouldn’t have gone where I’ve gone, discovered what I’ve discovered, and met so many interesting and wonderful people.

I think God gave me myriad health problems so I could become a better, kinder, more helpful person, one who never takes life for granted. This blog catalogs the adventures and the lessons learned with the hope that I just might help someone else–it could be you!

By the way, I’m a writer and activist by profession and a recovering workaholic. I have a fantastic husband and stepdaughter as well as two beautiful cats: Sophie, an orange, black and tan Maine Coon, and Jax, a silky, black longhair.

Thanks for joining me!

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