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Here’s where you’ll find links to things I like. I don’t get paid to promote something. I also don’t get products for free or in exchange for my opinion. My opinion may not be a good one, but it is free of external influence, well, except for the influence of my cats, my husband, my sister, and my niece and nephews. Their opinions are free, too. Aren’t you lucky to get so much free advice?

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Nima Sensor: Detects up to 10,000 PPM, the federal standard, of gluten in food. They also have a peanut sensor. I write about it Gut Instinct: Finding Stealth Gluten.

Leafling Bags: I just love Leafling Bags. I have four mini backpacks (burgundy fox, blackdscn0040.jpg leaf with white trim, purply blue leaf with purple rainbow trim, and my original green leaf) plus a roll backpack in black and grey and a grey crossbody bag. I love them all. I love the mini backpacks because they don’t hurt! Regular purses are too heavy on my shoulder and cause painful muscle spasms, but the minis distribute the weight and are lightweight themselve (and waterproof) so I can wear one on an all-day sightseeing tour and no pain. Yay! Gabriella, the shop owner, is very nice and turnaround time is great, which is amazing given that she’s in Budapest, Hungary. Go Hungary!